Your expert in sub-nanosecond microchip lasers

Since 2007, Horus Laser SAS has been offering microchip laser solutions for industry and science.

Horus Laser supplies 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm and 266nm and customized solutions (ex: robust and stable output single mode pigtailed laser) to fit customer's requests.

Our patented technology pushes the limits of microchip lasers and enables outstanding characteristics:

  • high repetition rate (up to 100 kHz) for high speed micromachining and optimal seeding of optical fiber amplifiers;
  • high pulse energy up to 40µJ @1064nm
  • high average power (up to 0.5 W) for marking and trimming;
  • pulse duration from 0.6 ns up to 4 ns;
  • very clean pulse for high precision ranging.